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The HAVi Watch

Introducing The HAVi Watch

Using the latest technology, the watch can be synchronised to a HAVi Plus Radio monitor already attached to a tool and receives and records all the data being measured. It is quickly and easily synchronised to another tool when required and the same user continues to accrue HSE points, even though a different tool is being used (the changeover takes seconds), giving a total exposure reading at the end of the shift, as well as recording the tools used during that day. Bluetooth Connectivity ensures quick and simple uploading to the HAVi Tool Management Software.

Fully Automated Exposure Data Recording and Uploading

HAVi have emerged as the leading supplier of equipment and services to measure, control and manage risk and exposure to HAV. To maintain our position at the forefront of the market for businesses and organisations large and small, we have had to continually review our ongoing products and services.

We know categorically that the HAVi Watch has taken risk control to the next level and has become the new standard against which other systems are compared.

Continually learning from our experience has enabled us to evolve confidently and give our clients the reassurance that comes from real, hands-on insight.

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 Making data retrieval easy at any time
 the HAVi


HAVi signal
HAVi watch


HAVi signal
HAVi measurements in mobile


HAVi signal
Total HAVi measurements


HAVi watch
Tool Usage Time

Features and Benefits

  • Vibration and flashing warning signals with the option for personalised exposure levels
  • It can be worn in whatever fashion best suits the job
  • Induction charging, no exposed connectors (fully sealed design)
  • No docking stations required
  • Works can continue without interruption
  • Operators can work autonomously for extended periods
  • Delivers key notifications to end users (e.g. Health Surveillance Appointments)
  • Multi screen displays offer a broad spectrum of information
  • Data is stored and downloaded when required / convenient via Bluetooth
  • The HAVi Watch can be used in the toughest environments
  • Backlit screen for dim light or night time working
  • The watch measures only the trigger time of the tool
  • The HAVi Watch is the only device to incorporate all these diverse features
Total Points

Total Points

Date and Time

Date and Time

Calendar Reminder

Calendar Reminder

Operators Name

Operators Name

Vibration Level & Points

Vibration Level & Points

Previous Days Exposure

Previous Days Exposure


Simple to Sync

The watch (regardless of how it is worn) is synchronised to the tool by simply pressing down a button on the side whilst holding it near the meter on the tool. The watch recognises the tool and all the settings are made instantly. Using Bluetooth Technology the watch then sends the data to the HAVi Total Manager using a simple app.

If required, the watch can then be synchronised to other tools and the operation repeated as often as required. It is adaptable and convenient and does not get in the way of any of the tasks, nor is its visibility or alerts impeded or covered up by the wearing of bulky or multi-layered PPE (gloves /gauntlets or overalls etc.). The operator can choose how to wear the device and be informed throughout whatever task they undertake.

At the end of the day or whenever it is convenient, the data can be downloaded from the watch to a smart device (tablet, smart phone etc.). Where a supervisor or manager can then review, and ultimately store it using cloud technology. (This is fully linked with the HAVi Total system).

Reliable Data Monitoring

The measurements are uniform and reliable, no matter what. They are not affected by the grip the operator has on the tool, whether they choose to operate with one or both hands or indeed change hands underway at any point. The trigger time is assessed by the monitor affixed to the tool.

Truly Versatile

The versatility of how the watch is worn also allows for tasks where wearing watches or jewellery (rings / bracelets etc.) is not permitted because of the danger of damaging sensitive or delicate surfaces.

It is truly versatile because significantly, it is not the watch that does the trigger time measurement. At HAVi we have the best monitor on the market to do that, and it is mounted on the tool (where it needs to be to assure accuracy). The break-through with the technology here, is that HAVi Watch has revolutionised how the collected data is handled.

Fully Wearable Technology

The HAVi Watch can be worn on a smart, silicone wrist-strap, or mounted on a pin and on a belt. There’s also a clip that will allow it to fit on a pocket or lapel, a band that fits around the upper arm or alternately be hung on a lanyard around the neck.

Robust Design

The watch is watertight, and the screen is backlit, Thus ensuring that working in dark, difficult conditions is never a problem. During a working day the watch can be used on a variety of tasks and tools and the operative is always aware of their status with regard to the level of exposure.

At no point has the operator been delayed or otherwise inconvenienced by using the watch, and they have been able to change tools and work on different jobs whilst being further assisted by the message feature, as it relays crucial instructions, reminders, diary prompts or directions for surveillance checks.


smartblack dot multi-tool black dot data collection
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