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Noise testing

Hav Noise Testing

HAV Control Limited can help an organisation identify and manage areas at risk from noise within the workplace. As stipulated by European Legislation “The Control of Noise Regulations 2005”.

Through the completion of a noise assessment, sources of possible hazards are identified. Employee daily personal noise exposure levels are calculated. Additional working processes that can potentially cause NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) are also determined. Post evalution discussions and the assessment report will further an understanding if current protective measures that have been implemented by the organisation require modification.

Our Service Includes:

A Free On-Site Survey
    bullet_point This is an observation by a trained consultant who will give advice
       on potential areas of risk.

Noise Assessment Analysis
    bullet_point We measure all processes in accordance with the BS / EN
       appertaining to that area as stipulated by the European Legislation.
    bullet_point A professional report will highlight working processes & operations
       that will expose employees to noise above the current action values
       and exposure limit values and our recommendations.
    bullet_point The values of background and factory noise.
    bullet_point Operator’s personal noise exposure.
    bullet_point Working process noise.
    bullet_point Alternative noise dampening solutions can be offered for evaluation.

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hav control noise managment

hav control noise managment

hav control noise managment