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HAVi Watch and Charger

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HAVi Watch and Charger
Using the latest technology, the watch needs to be synchronised to a HAVi Plus Radio monitor already attached to a tool and receives and records all the data being measured. It is quickly and easily synchronised to another tool when required and the same user continues to accrue HSE points, even though a different tool is being used (the changeover takes seconds), giving a total exposure reading at the end of the shift, as well as recording the tools used during that day. Bluetooth Connectivity ensures quick and simple uploading to the HAVi Tool Management Software.

The HAVi Watch requires HAVi Plus Indicator/s to operate

The HAVi Watch can be worn anywhere on the body, whether arm, belt, lanyard etc, as long as the watch stays on the operative using it, the HAVi Watch will be able to pick up the signal

Please note: Upon purchasing the HAVi Watch/es the ’Lite version of the software’ is now included in the purchase price of the watch. Please note there is an option to upgrade to the Standard or Professional version, if you are interested in either upgrades, please let us know

H 25.5cm W 2.5cm (Strap Watch Face W 4cm x D 1.5cm)