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HAV Dosemeters, CVK Vibindicators & Gloves


Hand Arm Vibration CVK HealthVib Dosemeters

The CVK range of Hand-Arm vibration measurement equipment has been designed by industry experts and allows accurate vibration levels to be captured in real time as the tool user is operating the equipment.

The system utilises state of the art wireless technology and can assist company’s in capturing real time in-situ vibration levels of each tool used, accumalative daily vibration dose, compare exposure and dose to EAV and fine tune tool selection for each task in hand.

The CVK system has additional benefits such as : assessing tools for degradation, personal operator tool usage technique, no messy wires to get in the way, stand alone system which allows measurements to be taken over extended periods of time, easy download and analysis software.

Further to the CVK system being ideal for capturing personalised measurements, the accelerometers can be mounted directly to the tool in the same way as traditional vibration meters providing you with a system which covers an extensive range of applications.