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January 2016

It’s been a busy start to 2016 and HAV Control Ltd are being kept on their toes with new and old customers requesting assessments, if your company is looking into Hand-Arm Vibration testing for your current tooling and equipment or have any vehicles or plant equipment  which you feel may need testing for Whole Body vibration for whatever reason, please contact us to arrange a free of charge consultation, our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a professional service coupled with excellent value for money with ongoing support and advice, low vibration product updates, and new product updates which will ultimately allow you to get to grips with HAVS & WBV vibration in your work place.


Whole Body Vibration Testing – Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer

HAV Control was recently contacted by a manufacturer of waste management equipment to assess both Hand-Arm and Whole Body vibration for an item of mobile waste compacting equipment prior to installation to a waste management company.

The company purchasing the equipment wanted assurance that levels of vibration omitted from the machine would be low enough to allow an operator to work without risk of injury for extended periods of time throughout the day.

Vibration trials proved that the levels of vibration for Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration would fall well below the Exposure Action values of 2.5m/s and 0.50m/s respectively which we hope has proven to any future purchaser of this equipment that maximum productivity can be achieved without the risk of injury to employees.

(References are available for this project, please contact us on 0116 2788289 for more details)


Hand-Arm Vibration & Noise Assesment – Building Restoration Company

HAV Control has recently carried out an assessment for Hand-Arm vibration and process noise for equipment used regularly by its employees in its Stonemasonry and Joiners workshop.

HAV and noise measurements were taken whilst the operator was undertaking a standard daily working task whilst operating the equipment. The results provided the company with valuable information relating to machine condition and process technique.

It has been recommended that certain items of equipment are removed from service for either repair / replacement which presented excessive vibration levels, any new equipment purchased should be identified as low risk in terms of vibration and noise

Our assessment will now allow our customer to highlight high risk work processes which need to be  actioned upon accordingly to lower the risk to employees from Hand-Arm Vibration &  identifies if our customer needs to implement further measures in terms of supplying alternative hearing protection.

(References are available for this project, please contact us on 01162788289 for more details)


HSE Adviser – Aerospace

We contacted HAV Control initially during 2010, as we needed a competent organisation to assess our Hand Arm Vibration levels after the implementation of the new regulations.  They measured our equipment and produced a comprehensive report; they also gave us a lot of practical advice.

We decided to repeat the exercise in 2013, and as we were pleased with the previous service, there was only one obvious choice.  The excellent thing was that HAV Control expanded their service during the three years.  They now offered direct tool labelling with HAV and noise levels, inexpensive monitoring equipment for purchase, and awareness courses for the staff on noise and HAV exposure.  For the first time, we now feel we have a properly structured and joined-up system on HAVS, and independent auditors confirm this as best in class.  The main benefit however is that we are now protecting our employees exactly as we should.

Rob – HSE Adviser – Aerospace


Transport Depot Hand-Arm Vibration Testing (HAV)

HAV Control are currently undertaking Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) measurements for a midlands based transport company. By assessing the risk that vibration poses to an operator by gathering field measurements HAV Control can assist its customer in evaluating whether daily exposure will reach or exceed the EAV of 2.5m/s.

Processes that cause concern are assessed in finer detail and HAV Control will look to implement alternative systems of work to reduce vibration exposure.

HAV Control’s key objective is to help assist its’s customer manage vibration effectively in the workplace by way of gathering vibration data from tools and establishing real time exposure.

HAV Control will look at not only helping its customer tackle and manage vibration in the work place but undertake measures wherby work processes keep employees vibration exposure minimised and implement an effective on going monitoring programme ensuring exposure is reduced to as low a level as possible.


Aerospace Component Manufacturing HAVS Testing

HAV Control Ltd have recently carried Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) testing for a major Aerospace component manufacturing company in Northampton.

The company needed to be sure that they were not exposing employees to harmful vibration exposure, HAV Control specialise in assessing vibration risk in the workplace and by measuring the vibration levels of tools used on a regular basis can easily identify high risk processes.

By testing fettling tools HAV Control established the need for further daily monitoring to establish if there is a likelihood of operators being exposed to vibration at or above the EAV of 2.5m/s.

HAV Control supplied monitoring equipment free of charge to its customer to enable them to gather more accurate exposure times and compare these times with vibration levels of tools.

HAV Control will look in assisting its customer in Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) training and awareness as an ongoing project with its customer


Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment plant London -

Hand-Arm vibration testing on Sealey BG200XL/98 8″ double spindle bench mounted grinder using both a wire wheel and grinding wheels.

Water Treatment plant London -

Hand-Arm vibration testing on Draper HD32/12ACF floor standing pillar drill , tested whilst measurements were carried out on a number of different materials.


Noise Testing Cont

Noise Assessment – Leicester

HAV Control were instructed to carry out a noise assessment at an injection moulding company in leicester, the company required a re-assessment due to re-locating.

HAV control measured both personal and background noise levels as operators were working with machinery, the completed assessment will allow the company to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and ascertain what hearing protection will be adequate by comparing octave band analysis from the assessment results against current and newly installed hearing protection.


Noise Testing-Leicester

HAV Control carried out noise testing at re-located premises in Leicester, a range of measurements were carried out at the injection moulding factory


HAVs Testing at a plastic pipe manufacturer in Cambridge

HAV control Ltd have recently undertaken Hand-Arm vibration testing on a range of workshop based tools at a plastic pipe manufacturing company based in Cambridge.

Tests were conducted using industry recognised Larson Davis IHVM100 test equipment, HAV Control Ltd determined from the results gathered, safe finger on trigger times for the company before employees would be exposed to the Exposure Action value (EAV) of 2.5m/s.

Certain working processes were re-assessed as 2 x consumables gave excessive levels of vibration, these levels were evident in tool use and is part of a lenthy work process, these have now been withdrawn and re-engineered, this threat was only highlighted by carrying out real time working process measurements which HAV Control are specialists in.

HAV Control will continue working with the company by offering monitoring equipment to understand exposure times more accurately and ongoing basic HAVS awareness training.